Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Laughing Stock: Bayern Munich 3 - Arsenal 1

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o Did Gus Johnson just say on FOX that the teams were "feeling each other up" at the outset of the match?  I thought this was supposed to be family friendly entertainment.

o Manuel Neuer was awarded a free kick for falling over on his own accord.

o Bayern: 1 shot, 1 goal. That didn't take long.

o Theo Walcott's pace is bothering Bayern; then again, Walcott's pace bothers most teams. He's significantly picked up his game this year.

o 20 minutes in, two goals down. Time to admit I was wrong about Arsenal pulling off a surprise result tonight....

o Arsenal couldn't defend a corner if Arsene Wenger's job depended on it. Wait -- it does depend on it...?!

o Gus Johnson just turned Phillip Lahm into a Frenchman. Phillipe, I believe he called him.  Someone please stop this broadcasting farce.

o Apparently, what attracted FOX to Johnson is that he excels at repeatedly saying players names and stating the obvious. Except when he mispronounces names as in Lahm's case; in that event, he only excels at pointing out the obvious.

o Serious question: Which is funnier tonight?  FOX's announcing or Arsenal's defending?

o Podolski makes it eight Champions League goals conceded by Bayern -- and makes it a game, as well. For all the credit Manuel Neuer has received, that was an elementary mistake by the Bayern 'keeper.

o Arjen Robben coming in for Frank Ribery is a real luxury substitution.

o 73rd minute: Lahm is still French according to Gus.

o That third Bayern goal was a travesty. So is Arsenal's defense.

o Are we seeing the end of the line for Wenger?  It certainly looks that way.... I can't exactly pin down how I feel about that -- Wenger's one of the best managers out there, but his team has been decimated by defections and a poor replacement policy. While the former may not be laid at the feet of the Current gunner manager, the latter problem most definitely can be. It seems the game may have passed Le Professor by....

This is farlieonfootie for February 20.

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