Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Clapping Klopp at the Kop

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With Scott's prodigious output, we may have to re-fashion this as a Liverpool blog:
Despite the recent stumble to Crystal Palace, the Kop is still wildly clapping for Klopp. It does look like there has been an injection of enthusiasm and belief into the squad, but will it last?  Ever the optimist, I like to think so and, with a couple quality transfers in January, I think Liverpool will be challenging for the Top 4, notwithstanding their current mid-table position.

Winning the ball back in dangerous positions can always turn a game and Jurgen has the Reds swarming frenetically in the offensive half. Of course, such effort is not sustainable over 90 minutes so the key will be for Liverpool to learn to toggle on and off in unison - if one goes they all go - no lone hunters who will invariably be picked apart by even mediocre passing.

We may need to re-fashion this as a Liverpool blog with Scott's continual writing: 

Naturally, there is more to Klopp's system than the Gangenpress. The formation has changed from the Rodgers days, alternating between the  Christmas tree 4-3-2-1 and the 4-2-3-1, which allows more width farther up the pitch. Either setup allows for a chance to control the midfield, which integrates into Klopp's passing system.

The pundits were driving me nuts about the lack of crossing service for Christian Benteke's aerial prowess (when he's actually healthy), but pundits are not always wrong and the latter of the above 2 formations addresses that issue. The Belgian has been more than impactful during his precious minutes on the pitch, showing a chasm of quality between him and the overwhelmed Divok Origi who deputized in his absence.

Again agreeing with the pundits, more quality striking power needs to be on the Boxing Day wish list as Daniel Sturridge's eternal injury issues may very well completely sabotage that promising career. Also problematic are Mamadou Sakho's hamstrings which appear to rule out the towering lefty every couple games. Although, it does appear that the formerly hapless Dejan Lovren has found, at least for now, some semblance of his confidence and ability.
Change can be good for a club (hear that, Chelsea?) and, while I believe Brendan Rodgers will land on his feet given his abilities, it seems Liverpool was too much for him. The change from an up-and-comer to a high stakes proven commodity was the right move at the right time and.
May the Normal One be anything but.

This is farlieonfootie for November 11.

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