Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm Just Not That Into You

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Correspondent Ed's not into you, either:

You ever get the impression that Emmanuel Adebayor just doesn't care? Like when his team sends a private jet to retrieve him from the African Cup of Nations and yet he still doesn't make it to training on time. Or is it when he pretty much loafs around during games conserving his energy for . . . what? I'm not sure. Adebayor has a total of three goals this year for comp to date of about $4 million dollars -- a cost per goal of over $1 million. He was outstanding during a year when he was looking for a new team and a new contract. However, as has happened in the past, once the pay is settled and coming in the door, he seems to take minimal pride in his sport. This is sad for Spurs fans, who need him to raise his game. But it's also short-sighted for Adebayor. Pretty much every old guy I play with on Monday nights gives it their all every week and they've got to go to work the next day to make a living. Enjoy and use your gift Ade, because before long you'll be barely a memory on the passing scene.

o It's amazing the difference Daniel Sturridge makes at Liverpool. While they still looked confident and strong for most of the game against West Brom, they were in many ways the pre-Sturridge version of the team. News flash to Chelsea: Sturridge is good. At times in the past few weeks he looked like the best guy on the field. If anyone recalls, he exhibited these same qualities at Bolton. Now in the right position at Liverpool -- and by that I mean not on the right but up top -- he has freed up Suarez and been a constant menace. Most surprisingly to me has been his footwork, where he's exhibited startling control in holding the ball up, weaving through defenders, and pushing it to oncoming attackers. I'm not sure Liverpool is playing anything even resembling Swansea under Rodgers, but with Sturridge they're not the mid-table team they were a month ago.

o I surprised myself the other night and watched the replay of the England v. Brazil game. Like many others, I came away extremely impressed with Jack Wilshere. I particularly liked the lineup Roy Hodgson put out. Gerrard in the holding spot with Cleverly and Wilshere in the middle. Rooney top center with Walcott right and Welbeck left. This was speed up top and quick feet in the middle, with some the speed, brawn and efficiency of Gerrard protecting the back. Despite a few awful mistakes, one of which was made by Cahill and caused a goal, England looked at least level, and in many ways a better team than Brazil. Walcott was uncoverable, and Wilshere was too quick for the South Americans. Cahill also looked terrific except for his big mistake, keeping pace with Neymar and pushing him aside easily on a few breaks. FOF would be happy to know that Neymar has changed his hairstyle to something that's arguably even more ridiculous than his My Little Pony frock. Regardless, England looked the real deal -- making me wonder if the golden generation for the Three Lions is yet to come.

o This Celtic vs. Juventis game I'm watching is alive with spirit and vigor. Celtic looks the better team right now but for the mistake of one of their center backs who's played pretty awfully up to this point in the game. The crowd is alive with enthusiasm, and the Italian team is playing a pretty unremarkable and boring game of sitting deep and countering when they can. Celtic, however, won't let them out of their end, so the Italian league team is falling to form and handing out some cheap shots. I'm not sure Celtic is going to win this one, but they're certainly showing how they deserve to be here. Oh, and Hooper is right, Lichsteiner is wrong -- they've got to give a PK when a defender hugs and drags athe offensive player out of the way on corners. Corresponding yellows is ridiculous from the official.

o I'm looking forward to seeing how United cope with Ronaldo, and how Real will cope with Van Persie. Unlike prior years, Real go in with the better defense, but I'd have to give the edge to United up front. Worst part of this game is that it's going to be called by a guy that specialized in screaming about close calls in college basketball games. Soccer is not basketball; I don't just want to hear the names of who passes it to whom -- I can see that when I watch. Perhaps some time listening to Ian Darke would help this guy out; or perhaps just having Ian Darke call the game would be even better. Urgghhhh!!!!
This is farlieonfootie for February 15.

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