Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beer Soaked Notes on Real vs. United, The First Leg

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Crumpled in a beer-soaked ball on the floor near the trashcan lay Correspondent Ed's notes from the first leg of Manchester United vs. Real Champions League match.  Luckily for you, we found them:

o That's a ridiculous call on RVP. Ramos should get a post-match yellow for acting.

o United not ready to play yet; lucky not a goal.

o Great save by De Gea

o Rafael horrific so far.

o Fergie started Evans because he can run better than Vidic, who's a few paced too slow right now

o The first half was a half without any center midfielders

o Gus Johnson on FOX did a lot of homework but doesn't know the game. There are lots of words that could be used to describe Real Madrids first half, but "patient" isn't one if them.

o Yes RVP does cross with the left foot. This shouldn't be surprising, Gus

o Gus has now described Danny Welbeck as a very patient player. I think he just likes that word. It's "soccery."

o Ref also terrible.   Patrice Evra deserved a free kick and the defender an orange card, it was so close to red

o De Gea has played his best game as a pro

o Welbeck was terrific

o RVP missed one.  He waited until the Champions League to do that

o Giggs is back!

o The ref has been awful all day

o That wasn't a cross, that was a pass. Amazing save by De Gea again

o Real look the better team. Modric has added stability and possession to the middle for Real

o Giggs one time!! Could've had one!

o Giggs just stole the ball made a great move and was fouled. Wow he's still good; too bad he's almost 40...

o Pepe the punk has entered.  I wonder if he will cleat anyone today like he did to Messi when he was outclassed on the pitch.

o An exhausted Wayne Rooney is removed for Anderson.  United still need a center midfielder. How good would Dembele be on this team? Sorry, but spurs got him, Fergie....

o Ramos down again and gets another cheap yellow.

o 1-1 is a United win if they can hold on

o Gus Johnson was only mildly annoying. A few mistakes and, of course, added nothing. Memo to FOX: there will be no more viewers because of him, only more people turning down the sound.

o Anderson as bad as advertised and almost makes a mistake that lets one in

o Best footwork on United belongs to RVP, who almost steals a late one with a great volley

o The whistle ends the game before the corner kick is taken? Really?  That ends a day of awful officiating

o FOX is really trying to dumb down the commentary. Only Brian McBride was any good. Mario Melchiot? Really? Eric Wynalda was his typical awful; and Rob Stone still stuck performing his best Chris Berman impersonation

o The rematch at United will be better to watch as United will show more attacking intent

This is farlieonfootie for February 16.

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