Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twitter Feed: Manchester United 2 - Reading 1

Noel Hunt after his collision with Nemanja Vidic
photo by Robbie Howellvia PhotoRee

o It's only a minute in and Reading already look in trouble. Have a feeling this is going to be a very different game from the last time these two teams met....

o Alexander B├╝ttner's got some himself some serious tats

o That's better by Reading. They don't really look a side in the relegation zone

o Vida has a small cut on his eyebrow; Noel Hunt looks as if he was in a car crash.

o Welbeck works incredibly hard around the box; that was great work by Danny to win the ball back

o How in the world did Ashley Young not score there?!

o Speaking of tattoos, Hunt's back is veritable sea of ink

o We've gone off the boil since the early pressure. Still unlucky not to have the lead, though

o Phil Jones limping off is a big loss. Hope he's not hurt too badly

o United are basically down to nine men with Jones exiting, because Ando hasn't run anywhere in about 15 minutes

o Wait!  Ando's running again. Must've fueled up at the buffet table at halftime

o  The following words signify the absolute death of any attack: "Valencia with the ball now...."

o An hour in and still scoreless; fans getting restless

o RVP on; the countdown to winning goal begins....

o 6 minutes. Not bad, Nani: 1-0 United

o 10 minutes. Insurance goal from Chich. 2-0, and surely it's a date with Chelsea now

o Hold that thought!  Another Reading comeback in the cards?  2-1. We never make it easy, do we?!

o Fergie looking at his watch as if he's never seen it before

o That was not easy, but we're through  *exhales*

This is farlieonfootie for February 19.

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