Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: Sam Adams New Albion American Pale Ale

Sam Adams recently paid homage to the beginnings of the American craft beer industry with the release of its New Albion Pale Ale.  New Albion was a famed California brewery begun by Jack McAuliffe in 1976 -- the dawn of the modern day craft beer movement.  To celebrate where we came from, Boston Brewing returned to the very beginning -- borrowing even the original label art for its latest beer.

Poured into a tulip glass at the home office on a recent work night.   New Albion appeared a goldish-orange with a thick white head that dissipated fairly quickly.

The beer smelled of mild grains and yeast. It was mildly fruity on first taste, with a mellow, floral finish.   It was clean and fairly well carbonated. 

As the first craft beer, New Albion was a long way from the extreme beers that have dominated the headlines in the beer world recently. Drinking this beverage in a world filled with extreme beers was like being harkened back to older and gentler times, when all someone wanted was a good, clean-tasting, well-made beer that didn't get in the way of the moment. New Albion succeeded then, and it does now, as well. B

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