Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some of the News That's Fit to Print

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Time for a check of the weekend's newspaper headlines:

o Fergie Fined $12,000 for His Rant Against Simon Beck:  This non-headline should have been replaced by the following: "FA Goes Light on Fergie As It's Obvious He's Correct".  Remember the good old days when the FA would banish a Manager to the stands?  So he could phone in his instructions to the Assistant Manager?  Apparently the FA didn't like that approach, either, so they've gone for the small fine -- roughly equivalent to one day's pay for the Manager.  We don't think Fergie's losing much sleep about that.

o Is He or Isn't He:  Is Super8Frank negotiating with Chelsea?  It depends on who you ask....  Although the word out of Cobham is that Roman has made the executive decision (are there any other kind of decisions made by Chelsea?) to bring Frank back, Super8's representatives say no such negotiations are happening....  We tend to believe management -- even THIS management team -- over agents any day of the week.  Wethinks its entirely possible that Chelsea leaked the information to tamp down the market for competing offers for the free-scoring midfielder.....

o World's Most Expensive Parking Ticket:  Peter Odemwingie's fine for parking his car in the QPR lot equaled £80,000.  That's more than even Mario Balotelli managed to rack up during his stint in Manchester.

o Roman is Loyal to Benitez:  That is, unless he loses at home again.  Loyalty only goes so far these days.

This is farlieonfootie for February 10.

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