Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Smattering of Thoughts

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...from Correspondent Scott's Desk:

o Seriously?!  How many times will Liverpool dominate an opponent and not get all the points?  How many times will they switch off defensively and give away a lead or tie?  When will they finally play the complete game of which they are completely capable?  

o Via a horrendous Martin Skrtel back pass last August and a lobotomous (not a word, but I think it fits and will be contacting Webster) decision by Pepe Reina on Sunday, Liverpool managed to gift away four points and the respect they are beginning to earn. Forget about the tepid performance against Oldham Athletic and the occasional stumble against the likes of Aston Villa - in a "rebuilding year" fans can make peace with such disappointments. But to outplay all colors in Manchester more than once, and do the same to the Gunners for stretches at a time last time out, yet only have three points to show from those five outings, that is the stuff that drives fans to refill their glass more than they should.

o Daniel Sturridge was brilliant on Sunday against Manchester City and Henderson continues his recent run of good form.  Steven Gerrard's goal was simply sublime and Lucas Leiva was excellent at breaking up City's rhythm.  But poor marking and lobotomies continue to undo otherwise excellent work.  We fans know they will pull it together - we just hope they do so before there is absolutely no shot at 4th place.

o What is this beIN Sports channel crap?! Who decided to sell (out) the US Men's National team's away game broadcast rights to the Al Jazeera/Time Warner sports network?  I don't care that one owner is a Qatar-based company - what I care about is that their fledgling sports station is not offered by the two largest cable providers in South Florida, Comcast and ATT Uverse.  Way to go, guys!  First let's hire commentators who have never played any part in the game (OK that was FOX) and then let's bury the US Team's away games on the DISH network.  Sounds like an excellent strategic plan.  Maybe we can start blacking out games or providing commentary only in Mandarin.  After all, Gus Johnson could still do the play-calling because I hear he is a quick study and eats Chinese food at least once per week.

This is farlieonfootie for February 9.  

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