Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mind Dump

photo by Michel Filionvia PhotoRee

o Santi Cazorla flying 10,000 miles round trip to warm up a seat on the Spanish bench.... The USMNT playing in Russia.... What is the purpose of these mid-week friendly internationals, and who exactly are they benefitting? Designed primarily to line the pockets of their respective football federations, the games are useless and should be banned.

o What's up with Joe Hart? The World's Best Goalkeeper™ has had some real clankers lately and surrendered some very soft goals. It can't be inspiring much confidence among his teammates, who have to be hoping that the patchy spell passes soon.

o And does Hart get a free pass from the English press just because he's English? While we won't comment on that directly, let's ask a clarifying question: Imagine the reaction if that had been David De Gea?!

o Christian Benteke may be decent with the ball at his feet, but the guy is clearly not the brightest star in the firmament. After admitting he thought Villa was a London-based club, the Belgian international must have been somewhat surprised when he stepped off the tarmac in Birmingham ("Hey, where'a Big Ben?").

o Compounding his ignorance, Benteke was recently quoted speaking longingly about his love for the Arsenal.... Luckily for him, the Villans are on the road this week -- we can't wait to hear the warm welcome he receives next time he steps onto the pitch at Villa Park.

o Joey Barton expressing an interest in playing in the MLS one day...? We'll save you the trouble of making the crossing, Joey. No one wants you over here: you're not a draw, and your faux intellectual style papers over a veneer of an unvarnished, no-good hooligan. But at least you'll always have Marseille....

This is farlieonfootie for November 17.

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