Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Goose Eggs: Week 10 in the BPL

photo by Vagabond Shutterbugvia PhotoRee

o Could someone please tell us why Theo Walcott is sitting on the Arsenal bench, especially with the Ox out injured...? Wethinks Arsense Wenger knows more than he is saying about the Englishman's long-term future....

o After re-watching the highlights of United's 2-1 victory over Arsenal on Saturday, we're still scratching our heads at how the Reds failed to match last year's 8-2 victory -- certainly the scoring chances were there for the taking.

o Only time will tell if the Citizens nil-nil draw with West Ham United was two points dropped or a point gained. Both sides passed up multiple chances to win in a scoreline that was unlucky to finish knotted at goose eggs.

o Spare a thought for poor old Chelsea. As if a trip to Wales to play the Swans at the Liberty wasn't hard enough after the week they'd endured, Chelsea's slim 1-nil lead was greeted with...hailstones. Are you kidding us?!

o Andre Villas-Boas has gone for a much simpler look this season: gone is the multi-pocketed Inspector Gadget trench coat, replaced by a cleaner-looking simple rain coat. Although if we were being unkind we might say he looked a bit as if he mistakenly borrowed his much smaller brother's coat this weekend.... And the collar on the Potuguese bossman's shirt may be getting a bit tighter, too, after his curious decision to remove Jermaine Defoe from the field of action with his team down a second half goal at home. Can anyone see Sir Alex or Roberto Mancini making a move like that...?

o Player of the Week Marouanne Fellaini was in full beast mode against Fulham this weekend, scoring twice -- but also being denied on a few occasions which should have given him a hat trick or more. And with an effort like that at his disposal, it's no wonder David Moyes was disappointed that his side ended up with only a draw to show for it. Indeed, so unexpected was the gifted point that Fulham Manager Martin Jol did the unthinkable, cracking his first smile of the season in the post-game interview.

o What happened when QPR met Reading, in a battle of the only two teams still without a win this season...?  Hint: the description is still accurate.

o Are all the people who talked about Arsenal as a one man team last season saying the same thing about Liverpool and Sunderland this season?  Both teams are bad enough, but imagine where they'd be without their respective scoring aces, Luis Suarez and Steven Fletcher.  And if Arsenal were a one-man team, at least they were a much better one-man team than either of this season's pretenders.

This is farlieonfootie for November 6.

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