Friday, November 30, 2012

Three Questions

photo by Mzelle Biscottevia PhotoRee

Columnist Scott only has three questions:

1. Does anyone think Rafa Benitz will last through January at Chelsea? With an uninspired start replete with 180 minutes without a goal and disparaging chants from the supporters whom he once disparaged himself, they might rename Boxing Day to Sacking Day in his honor.

2. How do you handle a prodigy coming of age? Brendan Rodgers is confident he will sign the blazingly-in-form and ridiculously fast Raheem Sterling to a long-term deal when he turns 18 on 12/8. Reports are that his managers want wages on par with the grossly overpaid Stewart Downing at $50,000 per week. Given the youngster's current $300 per week salary, simply splitting the difference would result in an astronomical pay raise for the lad and a smashing deal for Liverpool. Brendan is convinced staying at the Merseyside club will be best for Raheem's development. Let's hope the Northern Irishman can convince the Jamaican-born sensation and his parents/managers. Even with the January transfer window looming, I can't imagine this Liverpool team without Sterling's dynamic play right now.

3. At what point does a man-crush become something more? No, I'm not speaking of Correspondent Ed's unsettling habit of gently tucking the loose strands of Farlieonfootie's hair behind his ear whenever the latter is hunched over his latest editing task and the former is delivering another unsolicited cup of Java a la Ed. Rather, I speak of the unrequited affection that a certain Harry Redknapp gushes in whatever direction David Becham happens to be. The newly-anointed QPR boss has made no secret of his obsession with the Galaxy and former Manchester United star, hoping to lure the aging player to the Premier League for his swan song. But one has to wonder if this May-December romance would work as Beckham is pushing from May to June at 37 years old. First, 6 years in MLS might have kept the rust off Posh Spice's husband but it certainly hasn't tuned him up for a return to the most challenging league in the world. And second, alas, the lovers may be star-crossed nonetheless as Beckham has said on more than one occasion that he would only play for Man U. Will Shakespearean tragedy or Meg Ryan Rom Com ensue?

This is farlieonfootie for November 30.

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