Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And Speaking Of: Week 11 in the BPL

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o Could it be that Olivier Giroud is finally coming good?  We're happy to recognize when we need to eat our words, and we didn't think we would ever need to type the following, but the Frenchman has scored a bunch lately, both for club and country. Aberration, or a preview of things to come?

o 4 points for QPR after 11 games?  We've heard of patience, but the Rangers current situation is being ably assisted by borderline irresponsibility from owner Tony Fernandes.

o And speaking of QPR, how excited is everyone for Rangers vs Southampton next week?  We've got some laundry to do, so let us know how it turns out.

o Memo to AVB: The game is 90 minutes long. Not 75. Not 80. Not 85. 90. Please tell your team.

o Super Subs: The City of Manchester is holding a competition to determine the best substitute in world football -- Edin Dzeko or Player of the Week Javier Hernandez.  No matter who wins, their respective teams would be in a world of hurt without them.

o We've said this before on this page, but Ramires is an out and out thug with few redeeming qualities. King of the cheap shot, Chelsea fans need look no further than the Brazilian to figure out that the John Terry blow came from friendly fire, after Ramires intentionally pushed Luis Suarez in the back and straight into Terry's knee.

o Did Chelsea flatter to deceive early in the season, or are they just hitting a bad patch of form?  We think its the former, and the early schedule may have helped the Blues rack up more early points than they deserved.

o Examine the curious case of Newcastle United -- easily the best of the non "Big Four" teams in the BPL last season. This year's squad has just about the same personnel, but the results aren't there to date. Is this an early season glitch, or at almost 1/3 of the way through the season can we label the Magpies a major disappointment? Either way, when you're beaten by West Ham at home, questions have got to be asked.

o Speaking of West Ham, does anyone doubt Blackburn would still be in the Prem if Venky's had kept Big Sam as the club's Manager?

o One word for Reading - Norwich City: Yawn. Match of the Day was charitable at best in calling the contest "scrappy."

This is farlieonfootie for November 14.

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