Monday, November 19, 2012

Q&A With a Liverpool Fan

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An inteview with Correspondent Scott on the subject of Liverpool:
Q. What do you think of Liverpool's season so far?
A. Well, I’d have to say that their standing in the league table is not reflective of the quality of the side. And it seems that every week the team becomes a bit more like the one it will eventually be – competing for trophies. Too many draws at home have put them so far down the table that fourth place seems remote.
Q. So you have given up on a Top Four finish?
A. No way! With 2/3 of the season to go, so much can still happen. Last year, City were way behind United going into the final stretch but Darth Ferguson’s boys stumbled big time and gave the Scot a goal-differential complex. Lots can happen and we still have the January transfer window ahead of us.
Q. Do you think Brendan Rodgers has done a good job?
A. I do. I like the style of play he is trying to instill and I appreciate that he doesn't have the personnel to execute yet. Being: Liverpool has provided an interesting glimpse into how he manages and coaches and I like what I have seen so far. Of course, he knows the camera is there so maybe he acts differently otherwise but, still, he seems engaged, competent and caring.
Q. What changes do you think still need to be made?
A. Well the obvious answer is to bring in another striker with experience. Luis Suarez, polemic as he may be, has been on fire lately but can’t shoulder the burden all by himself. Even if he were to score a goal in every game, you can’t win every game 1-0. It seems, not surprisingly, that Stewart Downing will be sold off (probably for half-off the acquisition price of $20M) to generate funds for January spending. It’s a shame things didn’t work out better for Downing at Liverpool after such a promising stint at Aston Villa.
Q. Who do you think they will bring in?

A. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar from Schalke seems to be the rumor with the most credence. Brendan was coy last time we spoke.
Q. What player do you think has had the biggest impact so far this year?
A. Well, after Suarez, after all he has scored almost all the goals in the EPL for them, I would have to say Raheem Sterling. I love watching him play – the deft touch, the growing confidence, the unbelievable speed. He seems to work better and better with Suarez. He will be a force in the years to come – I hope Liverpool hangs on to him.
Q. In closing, how do you think they’ll finish?
A. 4th! My optimism is insufferable. I suppose there are worse things to have. Like AVB as a coach.
This is farlieonfootie for November 19.

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