Friday, November 16, 2012

Continued Thoughts on Manchester United's Season to Date

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Picking up where we left off yesterday, we'll now take a look at the midfielders and strikers of Manchester United, and rate their performance in the season to date:

Antonio Valencia: When he's "on," he's capable of terrorizing the opposition, but every now and then he seems to disappear. Still, few work harder, and in conjunction with Rafael, the right hand side of attack is dangerous: 8

Paul Scholes: Being utilized just the right amount seems to be paying dividends with SatNav. He's as good as ever, and still capable of controlling a game. 8

Ryan Giggs: Even Welsh Wizards age, and Giggsy is no exception.  Limited to cameos this season, he showed against Braga he can still play a part. 6

Tom Cleverley: In and out of games, but the Red Devil attack never looks more dangerous than when he's hitting on all cycles. Need to see more: 6

Michael Carrick: Steady as a rock, solid if unspectacular. His influence often flies well below the radar: 7

Darren Fletcher: We like what we see so far, but too early to tell: Incomplete

Anderson: We thought he was headed out the door, but the League Cup performance against Chelsea may have breathed new life into the Brazilian's career: Incomplete

Ashley Young: The very definition of erratic; some games are better than others. Need to see more: Incomplete

Nani: Blows more cold than hot lately, and has fallen considerably down the pecking order. What a shame: 5

Shinji Kagawa: After starting so brightly, the Japanese star's light has dimmed a bit. We think he's still getting used to life in England and will come good, but it's going to take some work: 6

Danny Welbeck: Adds movement to the United attack, but has been played out of position a fair bit this season. He's third in the manager's mind, but that would seem to be based more on his hometown status than performances to date: 6

Chicharito: The movement, the speed, and the smile: this guy's got it all. If he is truly back from last season's injuries -- and we're fairly convinced he is -- Title 20 can't be far behind: 8.

Wayne Rooney: The goals aren't there so far this season, but some of that is down to the position he's been played in. Ultra-influential from anywhere on the pitch, Wazza is still the heartbeat of United: 8

Robin Van Persie: What more can you say? The man is razor sharp, the best striker in the world at the moment. 9

This is farlieonfootie for November 16.

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