Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flaccid: Norwich City 1 - Manchester United 0

photo by picciarvia PhotoRee

o United lack a cutting edge whenever Paul Scholes is not in the lineup. Sad to say that the club appears overly reliant on a 38 year old, but -- although they can knock it around with the best of them -- the incisive pass goes MIA when Scholesy is absent.

o Excrutiatingly boring doesn't begin to describe the Reds' first half performance yesterday. Perhaps boring is good -- no soft goals conceded is a plus -- but the attack was absolutely flaccid for the first 45 -- despite the apparent embarrassment of offensive riches on the pitch.

o The game was there for the taking, waiting for a moment of individual brilliance to heat up a collective effort that had been ice cold until the hour mark. Unfortunately, it arrived in the form of a perfect cross from Javier Garrido, and a header to match from Anthony Pilkington.

o Javier Hernandez being replaced with 20 minutes left? I'm sorry, but I don't agree, and I'm certain the Norwich City players must have breathed a big sigh of relief to see the backside of the Little Pea, especially given the Mexican's scoring record of late.

o It pains me to say this for obvious reasons, but Ryan Giggs should not be used as more than a situational substitute this season. After scoring last season's winner at Carrow Road, the Welsh Wizard's best days truly appear as if they are now in the rear view mirror.

o Ashely Young is not United quality. Full stop. He's a decent player, but should not be starting. Or coming off the bench for that matter.

o A loss to Everton on opening day? Okay, I can accept that. A loss to a Spurs team that may finish fourth? I can live with it. A loss to Norwich City, and a shutout at that? Unacceptabl, and entirely pathetic.

This is farlieonfootie for November 18.

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