Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Manchester Derby, As Seen Through Tweets I Should Have Sent

photo by _DaniloRamosvia PhotoRee

Ji-Sung Park starting?  Where did Fergie dig him up from?

Fergie’s gone all defensive, playing his European system tonight.  Hope it works out better than our other European games have this season.

Good God, I’m nervous, and the game hasn’t even started yet.

Just breathe

Nani looking in the mood tonight

United start brighter, City on their heels.  Can the Reds capitalize?

Quick question, one I can ask only because I have a HD television: Is Rooney dying his hair now? 

City more comfortable on the ball now.  United having a tough time getting the ball back.

Steve McManaman has never seen a foul on a #MUFC player that was justified.

Halfway through the first half.  Not only scoreless, I don’t recall a shot from either side…

United appear to have placed little importance on keeping the ball tonight.

Marriner calling the game in a way that appears more favorable to United to date.

Lots of room in the box for El Kun there.  Where was the defense?!

A goal here would be a killer.

Park with ANOTHER giveaway.  Sigh.

Yup, that one was coming.  Kompany unmarked, 1-0 City. *vomit*

HT Score:             City 1 – United 0
Should be:          City 1 – United 0

All season long we’ve been scoring late first half goals.  Today we surrender one.  How big a problem is that?

I think we can all agree that the Park experiment has failed.  *Back to the Drawing Board*

Not to be negative, but United have yet to win a game this season in which we haven’t scored first.

Have officially gone into pacing mode as second half gets underway

United looking as if they thought tonight was a European game.  Last season that would have been great.  This season, not so much…

City corner.  Can’t look.

When are the subs coming on?  Surely, it’s time for Tony V.

T-Minus 25 minutes.  And counting.

De Jong on for Tevez.  Can you spell ‘cantenaccio,' Roberto?

18 minutes.  Tension mounting.  Lots of typos in my tweets.

Do we have a shot on goal tonight?  This is truly unimpressive so far.

DeJong: the definition of a dirty cheat

Sir Alex and Paul Scholes dropping the F-Bomb.  Not at each other.  At Mancini and Toure, naturally.

Umm, Nani?  Our guys are wearing red tonight.

Not good enough tonight.  We’ve lost form at exactly the wrong time of the season.

For all those calling on SAF to bring on Valencia, even he’s not immune to the giveaways tonight.

Shocking display; totally toothless.  Can’t say I’m even upset that we lost.  We were never in the match.

Five minutes of stoppage time?  Could be five hours and it wouldn’t have mattered tonight.

FT Score:        City 1 - United 0
Should Be:      City 1 - United 0.

This is farlieonfootie for May 1.  Rabbit Rabbit.

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  1. grazie per usare la parola "catenaccio." you know your calcio!

    sorry about match outcome...keep blogging.

    G (via BNO)