Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kenny's Singing the Blues: Chelsea 2 - Liverpool 1

Singing the blues

o Could someone please explain to me why the FA Cup Final is played before the regular Premier League season ends....? Couldn't they have waited another week or two?  The FA is all screwed up with their timing: they often announce the next round in the competition before the current one has even been completed, and now they interrupt the penultimate league round of the season to play the Cup Final. What's the rush?

o I didn't realize how expensive seats for the game had become. What got me thinking was when I learned that Chelsea and Liverpool paid a reported £85 million to buy seats at Wembley for Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll...!!  At least they had a good view of the first half action for that price.

o Ramires is either a much improved player this season, or I seriously underrated him. I considered him interchangeable with Jon Obi Mikel -- not saying much, I can assure you -- but the Brazilian has mixed well with the pint-sized midfield wizard Juan Mata, adds some serious pace and threat to Chelsea's ability on the  counter, and his goals over the few weeks (including his wonder chip over Victor Valdes at the Camp Nou) have proven key to Chelsea's resurgence.

o Anyone else notice that Chelsea started winning again once The Drog and Fat Frank found their way back into the lineup from AVB's long winter exile?  Not to take credit away from RDM's managerial run of success, but the solution to Chelsea's woes seemed fairly obvious to even the most casual observer of the Blues.

o Has there been a better player at new Wembley than Didier Drogba?  Left foot, right foot, it doesn't really matter. The Big Ivorian has scored some important goals for his team since the national football ground was re-built, and continued his big game hot streak by scoring the game winner for Chelsea.

o And let's just say that 'Nando looked less than pleased watching his Chelsea mate score early in the second half. At least his pony tailed Scouse replacement ultimately made a rather significant mark on the game, scoring one goal and coming within a Martin Skrtl hair of adding another. Which he did according to Luis Suarez, who quickly began his usual bag of tricks, verbally remonstrating the side judge for having the temerity to deny the equalizer.

o In the end, Chelsea's dominance of the game's first hour outweighed Liverpool's dominance of a period in the game half as long, and had Kenny Dalglish and the boys singing the blues after failing their final exam at Wembley.  While Chelsea was winning the Cup for the 4th time in 6 years, it was time to crawl back underneath their rock and into 8th place for Liverpool: Chelsea 2 - Liverpool 1 at the final whistle.

This is farlieonfootie for May 6.

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