Saturday, May 12, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Innis and Gunn Rum Cask Wee Heavy

(7.40% ABV). Poured from its clear bottle into a goblet, Rum Cask is a dark brown color, with a decent whitish head that fizzes away rather quickly, leaving behind virtually no lacing.

The beer smells faintly of rum, with the reminiscent booziness of a glass that formerly held a cocktail made with its namesake liquor. There's also a bit of malt that's detectable on the nose.

Rum Cask definitely offers a different kind of taste: heavy on the vanilla bean right at the outset, with some nice brown sugar sweetness in the middle, and an ending redolent of rum all the way throughout.  The beer has a medium mouthfeel with nice carbonation.  It's got the finish of a nice glass of scotch: slightly smoky, yet refined.

It's unusual, but priced right, and I would definitely drink it again: B+

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