Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Giving Credit

photo by Andres Ruedavia PhotoRee

o You've got to give credit to Petr Cech. Studying the last five years of Bayern Munich's penalty kicks was a move that paid huge dividends for the Czech National, as well as for his Club.  Putting in the long hours required to break down that kind of game film for a scenario that might not even occur shows the Chelsea 'keeper to be a professional in the truest sense of the word.  That dedication may just be the reason Chelsea is hoisting the Champions League trophy this week.

o The most despicable sight of the entire weekend was John Terry holding the same trophy. It's bad enough that FIFA allowed Terry to join in the on-field celebration. That Terry had changed from a suit (pre-game) to a tracksuit (half time) and then into his full kit (right before the penalty kicks) -- including shin pads, no less -- tells you all you need to know about the man.

o That a Chelsea team featuring Solomon Kalou, Jon Obi Mikel, Jose Bosingwa and Ryan Bertrand can win European championship just goes to prove the old adage about "any given day...." That same Chelsea team would be hard pressed to replicate this season's sixth place finish in the League.

o The post-game interview of Brad Friedel was brutal, Geoff Shreves-like in its immediacy and proximity to huge personal disappointment.  The American has no one to blame but himself, though, putting himself in that position by agreeing to comment on the game for FOX.

o Did anyone else find it amazing that Manuel Neuer took one of Bayern's five penalty kicks?  The German 'keeper may have made his shot -- full credit to him, by the way -- but might he not have been better off saving his focus, concentration, and energy for his work in between the sticks?  And what does it say about his teammates, that the goalkeeper was one of the five players man enough to step forward and offer take a kick?

o An English team beating a German team in penalties?  A bizarre way to end a bizarre season in football. Bring on the off-season...!

This is farlieonfootie for May 22.

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