Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Walking Dead: Round 30 in the BPL

photo by vladebvia PhotoRee

o What is it with backup 'keepers?  Is it really so difficult to stay dressed on the sideline?  Case in point: Lee Camp, Norwich City's backup goalkeeper, pressed into action on account of Mark Bunn's mid-match dismissal against Sunderland.  Here's some quick career advice, Lee:  don't be see on live television with your shorts around your knees, tucking in your kit.  How about taking care of that pre-game on the off chance you might be used...?!

o We don't know where he came from -- in fact, we'd never seen him before a couple of weeks ago --  but the albino/Walking Dead version of Tim Howard -- aka Jan Mucha -- had a better than decent game against the former Champions on Sunday.  Maybe there is life after Howard in Liverpool....
o Roberto Mancini failed to show at his post-game interview on Sunday -- but don't get too upset. There will be 38 interviews next season he won't be giving for Manchester City, either. 

o The quality of his game against Spurs on Sunday made us finally focus on this, but has there ever been a more ridiculously named footballer than Ashkan Dejagah...?  Have you met his brother, Ashtray?  Or his Uncle, Trashcan?  We defy you to listen to his name again and not have a good chuckle....  Good game, bad name: We present to you Fulham's Ashkan Dejagah.

o His game was crazy good this past weekend: he scored and had an assist, but could easily have had a hat trick and more....  Welcome back to the "Champions of Europe," Player of the Week, Eden Hazard.

o Note to Spurs' fans: if Gervinho's scoring, as he did in Arsenal's 2-0 must win over Swansea, you're not finishing 4th. It's just not happening.  Welcome to an 18th straight season of Champions League football, Mr. Wenger.  And better luck next year, AVB....

o A couple of things we saw in the Callum McManaman challenge on Newcastle's Massadio Haidara: Did anyone else notice that immediately after his horror tackle, McManaman committed an obvious intentional handball that the referee also missed?  Of course not....  Also, we enjoyed the real time television commentary that accompanied the tackle, in which the announcer knowingly said, regarding Haidara, "I don't think he's really hurt."  

o And it's a good thing he FA wants to punish swearing and people taking off their shirts to celebrate goals, because both of those offenses make trying to take someone's leg off look like a (one legged) walk in the park.

This is farlieonfootie for March 20.

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