Thursday, March 7, 2013

Picture Perfect: Round 28 in the BPL

o Gareth Bale is a fearsome sight on the football pitch these days, indeed. Just ask the cameraman that took this picture.

o Meanwhile, if Bale was excited, you have should seem the reaction from Spurs' fans. These people really know how to party.

o And what are we to make of Rafa Benitez and Alan Pardew's letter writing habits during their respective games this weekend. Are these guys so busy with fan mail that they can't wait until after the game to answer their correspondence?  Or are they filling out unemployment applications for next season....?

o In the much-ballyhooed battle of the track suits, Martin Jol narrowly edged Martin O'Neil this weekend. Could someone please teach these guys how to dress?  The Black Cats manager looked more like a pedophile being perp walked than he did a football manager....

o Messrs. O'Neil and Jol, take note: THIS is how a Manager dresses.

o Player of the Week Luis Suarez had Wigan calling for backup.  But while the Lone Ranger tried his best, Tonto was nowhere to be found.

This is farlieonfootie for March 7.

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