Sunday, October 28, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: The Bruery Autumn Maple Ale

(10.00% ABV)  Poured on draft into a tulip glass at the Public House in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Autumn Maple Ale is dark brown with a thin mocha head that leaves behind lacing with some serious legs.

It smells a bit like a Belgian, with the sweet scent of candy syrup present. There's also some hop presence. I'm not getting much yam, to be truthful, but not sure I would recognize what a yam smells like.

Upon tasting, though, one word springs to mind: smooth. This beer is really smooth. The maple syrup is definitely present, but very mellow. The beer itself is relatively light bodied, but with a rich mouthfeel, if that makes sense.

The high ABV is relatively well hidden. A-

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