Thursday, October 4, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Abita Brewing Satsuma Harvest Wit

To Louisiana we head for this next review.  We like the Abita beers -- they're never overly complex, but they deliver a lot of satisfaction.  Plus, they remind us of the state in which they're brewed, which happens to be one of our favorites....

Satsuma Summer Harvest poured a cloudy orange color with a thick, pure white head that left behind minimal lacing.  

The beer was redolent of yeast and oranges.  Satsumas are native to the Bayou State, and closely related to tangerines and oranges.

The beer's taste followed the nose, although the citrus dominated the yeast this time around. It was tingly on the tongue, and relatively thin bodied.  Satsuma Summer Harvest was very refreshing, and a perfect way to beat the heat -- which we need to do just about year round in Florida.  B+

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