Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lots of Questions, Very Few Answers

photo by Brianfitvia PhotoRee

1. Why is everyone seeming to blame Mario Balotelli for City's recent dip in form?  He may be a convenient scapegoat, but the Italian is also the Sky Blues' leading scorer since the New Year began.  There's plenty of blame to go around on the other side of Manchester, starting at the top, but it seems so easy just to point to Mario. The truth, unfortunately, is not nearly so neat.

2. Forget Dimitar Berbatov, what in the world has happened to Park Ji-Sung?  The South Korean used to be one of Fergie's favorites, and one would assume that Parks's terrier-like tenaciousness would suit United's need-for-speed lineup well (as much as it pains me to make dog analogies about South Korea's greatest footballing export).  Have we seen the last of Parky in a United kit?

3. Why hasn't King Kenny played Maxi Rodriguez and Craig Bellamy more often this season?  Reduced to bit players before midweek, the duo appear far more capable than many others that a mediocre Liverpool side has routinely trotted out onto the pitch.

4. And speaking of Liverpool, could their season get any more comedic?  I can't decide if their red kit was designed to symbolize the supporters' embarrasment, or the color of the cards collected by their goalkeepers.  One red card on Tuesday for Doni was hilarious; a yellow that should have been red for Brad Jones was beyond hysterical.  King Kenny can retire, his mission now complete: we're not laughing with you, Kenny, we're laughing at you.

5. Does the FA utilize any employees to make decisions, or do they just shake a Magic 8 Ball? I've written ad nauseum about the corruption and ineptitude that permeate this decrepit organization, but the Magic 8 ball is the only explanation that makes sense regarding the FA's simultaneous and mind-numbing decisions to uphold Shaun Derry's red card while not charging Mario Balotelli for a much more dangerous offense.

6. Just how good is The Deuce?  We've been bigging him up for quite some time here at farlieonfootie, but Clint Dempsey's season statistics are beginning to look a bit gaudy: 22 goals, with 16 of them coming in the League. And yet there are still some who claim the American couldn't cut it at a "big" team. Based on what evidence, I ask?

7. Who's going to finish fourth?  You could make a legitimate case for each of the three clubs still in contention, but it's best summarized as follows: Spurs have the scheduling advantage but are playing the poorest of the three sides; Chelsea have the experience factor but have a schedule that was seemingly designed by the Marquis de Sade; and Newcastle have the current form but lack the muscle memory from having been there previously.  One thing's for certain: it's going to be an absolute dogfight, with lots of £s at stake.

This is farlieonfootie for April 11.

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