Friday, April 20, 2012

Tweets I Didn't Send: Chelsea 1 - Barcelona 0

photo by ivanpwvia PhotoRee

o Five minutes in and 83% of the possession to Barca. Surely this has got to be some sort of a new record low for the home team keeping the ball.

o Barca's back four look a bit nervy. They've managed a big mistake each time Chelsea has touched the ball.

o John Terry with a rugby tackle, followed by a sharp knee to the back.  Welcome to Stamford Bridge, Alexis Sanchez.

o So far Chelsea have kicked Barcelona's shin pads more often than they've kicked the ball.

o Drogba down and rolling around in agony?  Someone please tell him he's playing for the home side, not the Spanish diving team.

o 20 Minutes In:
Should be: Barca 2-0 Chelsea
Actual Score: Barca 0-0 Chelsea

o Roman Abramovitch daydreaming, wondering how much of his money it will take to buy Barcelona. The city, not the team.

o How in the world do Chelsea expect to score if they never possess the ball outside of their own half....?

o Didier Drogba just hurt himself without being touched. Time wasting has to be a big part of the Blues' game plan tonight.

o Branislav Ivanovic: the rich man's Rory DeLap.

o Seriously, Drogba must think he's auditioning for Pep tonight. I can't recall another game in which he's hit the turf so many times.

o Lio Messi turns the ball over, followed by a Drogba goal on Chelsea's first shot on target.  You couldn't make this stuff up.

o Half Time
Should be: Barca 3-1 Chelsea
Actual Score: Barca 0-1 Chelsea

o Tonight has to be Roberto Di Matteo's wet dream: rain pissing down, slippery pitch,  Messi possibly injured and definitely having an off night, freak Chelsea goal.  RDM should buy a lottery ticket on the way home from the match.

o 70 minutes In
Should be: Barca 3-1 Chelsea
Actual Score: Barca 0-1 Chelsea

o Juan Mata subbed in the 75th minute.  To be honest, I did't know he was even on the pitch.

o Barca crossing the ball in from way out on the flank.  Very unlike them -- they look more like a typical English team.

o A thoroughly pedestrian performance from The Best Team in The World TM tonight.  I'm still fairly certain Barca will blow them out in the Nou Camp, but Chelsea gave themselves a chance tonight.

Full Time:
Should be: Barca 4-1 Chelsea
Actual Score: Barca 0-1 Chelsea

This is farlieonfootie for April 20.

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