Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming Home to Roost: Round 31 in the BPL

photo by goosegreasevia PhotoRee

o Lord, but that Theo Walcott is hot right now. Correspondent Ed can malign the Arsenal man all he wants, but Walcott's stats for the season are beginning to pile up, and he seems to be playing the game with a little more patience and confidence than earlier in the season. Could his decision making also be improving...?  There's never been any doubt about the fleet-footed Englishman's skills, but the rap was that he never made the right decision. Well, now he's beginning to, and look out RVP:  your one man team is in danger of becoming a two man show.

o For the record, Ed, Walcott is on 10 goals and 10 assists for the season to date, while The Best Player in the World TM (Gareth Bale) has almost identical stats: 10 goals and 11 assists.  I'd call that pretty equal.

o It looks as if Mark Hughes is sparking QPR to life at just the right time of the season. Their run in looked daunting as can be, but with two straight home wins over Liverpool and Arsenal, who knows what's going to happen?  Here's hoping Rangers revert to form for their Easter Sunday trip to Old Trafford.

o Apparently Referee Lee Mason thought it was perfectly acceptable to stop play to allow Gary Cahill to tie his shoe.  What's next?  Officials stopping play so David Luiz can pull up his tights?

o Who knew American Eric Lichaj was cut from the same long throw mould as Stoke's Rory DeLap and Ryan Shotton?  I wonder of Jurgen Klinsman is going to turn the USMNT into the international version of Stoke City...? With a goal and an assist on Saturday, Lichaj just might be making Klinsi sit up and take notice.

o Meanwhile, an indication of how poorly Aston Villa's season has gone came when their fans lit a flare after the team briefly tied Chelsea on Saturday.  And I thought fans of second rate teams only did that kind of stuff in Italy....

o Quick question for Shay Given: how lowly do you feel after being beaten by Fernando Torres?  There's not too many goalies this season that can claim that accomplishment.

o I won't say much about City vs. Sunderland except the following: All the chicks in Manchester City came home to roost on Saturday.  Players arguing, fingers pointing, fans booing, and a manager with his head in his hands on the bench. Does this look like a title winning team?  Or more likely, a team that's going to need to replace its manager....?

o Newcastle's scouting system could be the best in the Premier League: Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse, Hatem Ben Arfa, and Yohan Cabaye....  You want me to keep going?  They also decided they could easily withstand the loss of Andy Carroll.  How much more evidence do you need?

o By the way, I don't hear many people calling Mike Ashley a buffoon these days....  Kenny Dalglish, yes; Ashley, not so much.

o Speaking of Kenny, you heard it here first: Dalglish will resign at the end of the season. The publicly stated reason will be that the team needs "long-term leadership to continue the rebuilding process that Kenny has begun," as well as Kenny's stated desire "to get back on with life as he looks forward to rejoining the fans and rooting for his beloved Liverpool in the Kop End." That, as we all know, will be a crock of $#!t....  The true answer will be that The Emperor has no clothes, and  everyone involved -- including the King himself -- already knows this. It's all over now except for the shouting.

o Brendan Rogers was rocking the mafioso look Sunday on the sideline of White Hart Lane.  A black shirt with a dark grey suit is cool in Naples, Italy, or Brooklyn, NY, and maybe even some parts of London (especially the Russian parts), but I would suggest Tottenham's next manager look to spruce up his wardrobe before he moves to North London permanently.

o And while he's at it, Rogers may want to speak to Emanuel Adebayor, and see what he can do to keep the big Togolese striker at Spurs next season.  Ade got Spurs' season back on track with a couple of late set piece headers -- a novel idea for the home side -- and for that he's the farlieonfootie Player of the Week.

o On a sad note, I'll close with a farewell to Cosmos legend Giorgio Chinaglia, who passed away from a heart attack yesterday.  Giorgio spread the gospel of football in this country with almost 200 goals while wearing a Cosmos uniform, and later in life, as co-host of the morning radio Football Show on Sirius XM satellite radio.  Giorgio, you will be missed by this fan and many others.

This is a saddened farlieonfootie on April 2.

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