Friday, March 16, 2012

Stream of Consciousness: Manchester United 1 - Athletic Bilbao 2

photo by Thejaswivia PhotoRee

Stream of consciousness from United's depressing 2-1 loss at the Lion's Den last night, a result that saw the English Champions ignominiously bounced out of Europe this season.  What you are getting below are the raw, slightly unpolished gems that roll around inside my head on a daily basis:

o Is this game being shot from a blimp?  I feel dizzy I'm so high up right now.

o The game begins with Athletic on the front foot. Hasn't United tried this approach before....?  And failed?

o Was Marcelo Bielsa dressed by a homeless man?  Don't they sell suits in Bilbao...?

o Man United's defense tonight is shocking. Rio Ferdinand and Jonny Evans just got carved open like a Thanksgiving turkey.

o Who created Enjoyneering, and how do you do it?

o Ji-Sung Park is playing tonight as if he's slightly drunk.  Check that -- totally drunk.

o Bloody hell, that's a great finish from Llorente. Sign him up, Fergie, sign him up!

o One goal doesn't change anything. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? #AnimalHouseQuotesILove

o Rafael injured. What a surprise.... The kid is held together by chewing gum and paper clips.

o I didn't realize berets were still in style in Basque country.  That's such a 1970s look.  Where is Woody Allen when you need him?

o GolTV loses its signal during the match.  What is this, the Internet...?!

o Apparently, sunspots are responsible for the loss of GolTV's signal, although they didn't seem to affect the shots of the crowd.

o Iraola just made Messi look clumsy...!  Too bad he didn't score.

o United look like Stoke City here. Kick and follow. Kick and follow.  Repeat, as necessary. It's depressing, to be honest.

o Playing the role of Peter Cech tonight is Chris Smalling.

o The ball goes in off Rafael for Athletic's second goal.  He's been one of Bilbao's best players in this tie.

o Now Ferdinand's injured. The only thing worse that can happen today is if we score three goals and have to play another European game this season.

o De Gea is so pissed off right now he's considering suing his defenders for lack of support.

o We've officially given up. So much for United's never-say-die attitude.

o At least Roo is still hot.

o This pitch is slippery. I haven't seen so many spills since the '94 Winter Olympics.

o Clevz has been totally ineffective today, while Ashley Young has played the role of the Invisible Man.

o By the way, folks, for all of you tweeting about how classy the Bilbao fans are, note this well: It's easy to be classy when your team is dominating, and you're leading by two goals on aggregate with less than ten minutes to play.

o I really don't understand all the love being shown for Bilbao.  Barca made us look even worse, and I don't recall any United fans applauding their every move.  They both beat us badly, and I hate them both equally now.

This is farlieonfootie for March 16.


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