Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Brouwerij Bavik Flanders Oud Bruin

(5.50% ABV) From the bottle, Oud Bruin pours a fizzy iced tea-dark brown, with just the tiniest hint of amber.  The  beer begins with an effervescent tan head that quickly fades away to just a ring around the outside of the chalice into which I poured the beer. 

Oud Bruin's smell is sour, with a definite vinegar sourness intermingling with ripe fruits, including cherry.  I'm also getting a whiff of dark fruit, like prune, on the tail end of the nose.

There are definite dark fruits noticeable in drinking, but I'm also getting a bit of a metallic taste. It's a true sour, lip puckeringly so in the middle, but it finishes smoothly, with some slight bit of funk and green apples. None of the flavors really linger all that long, however.

It's fairly thin, well carbonated and tingly on the tongue. This wouldn't be an everyday choice of mine, but I'm glad I tried it. B-

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