Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five One Word Questions

Correspondent Ed enjoys playing number games in his spare time
photo by Simon Blackleyvia PhotoRee

From none other than Correspondent Ed:

Before we discuss anything else, it should be said that we at FOF express our best wishes for Fabrice Muamba and his family, and hope for a full recovery. 

Now onto League play.

1.  Torres?

First of all, it was almost a shock to see Fernando Torres bag two against Leicester in Chelsea’s weekend FA cup game.  Plus, Torres actually looked like he knew what he was doing.  Will this give him his confidence back?  Maybe…. But let’s not jump to the conclusion that he will immediately return to the player he was before.  This was a game against Leicester City, of the poorly named Championship Division, in the FA Cup.  It should be noted that the game was exciting, and it makes you wonder:  should the BPL consider . . . 

2.  Playoffs?

Why doesn’t the BPL have playoffs?  I suspect even more games would be impossible for the players.  Plus, without divisions how could it work?  And if divisions were instituted, how would the split be made and what would that mean to games played?  Problems galore, I suppose, but it should be said that what makes the Champions League so fun is that it is one big playoff game.  Someday, I suspect the BPL will see all the money to be made with some kind of playoff format, but until then the closest thing we have is games like . . . 

3.  Chelsea?

A rejuvenated Chelsea will take on City this week at The Emirates.  Chelsea are coming off a series of good wins for the club and their confidence should be riding high.  The effective “rest” this season given to the veterans by AVB may be the only silver lining of the Portuguese manager’s brief reign.  Interim manager Roberto Di Matteo understands that the “core” guys are still good, and that the cast surrounding them has improved, with guys such as Ramires and Mata.  It would seem the team as it is constructed now should undoubtedly be a Top Four team in the BPL.  But ultimately, are they really good enough to beat . . .

4.  City? 

Manchester City, or as we call them here at FOF HQ, Manchester A (or, alternatively, Manchester’s Varsity squad) looked all but a lock for the title.  But now they face some tough opposition as United frolic through the basement of the BPL, featuring fully imploding teams such as Wolves, Blackburn and QPR.  Plus, City is coming off a loss to the supposedly lowly Swansea – I say supposedly because many good teams were made to look bad this season by the Swans, so I’m not sure too much should be taken from that loss.  So what will they do this Wednesday against Chelsea?  I expect a draw – something that will damage City’s chances at the title, but will it help Chelsea pull into . . . 

5.  Fourth?

Hard to say.  Spurs look like a team that starts each game tired and seems to be fighting against the wind throughout the entire match.  Spurs desperately need a convincing win like the beatdown they gave Newcastle what seems like months ago.  While this has been an interesting season in the BPL, I would hate to see the same Big Four (subbing Manchester A in for Liverpool) end up at the top at the end of the year.  It’s just so painfully predictable and “why did we even bother to play?” that it would be tough to take.  And it would make me wonder, why . . . . .

This is farlieonfootie for March 22.

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