Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday (to Us)

Columnist Scott at our recent second anniversary celebration
photo by the_moogvia PhotoRee

farlieonfootie enters its third year today -- we're out of the terrible two's and well into our toddler stage now -- a fact that may be on the face of it very hard for you to believe.  That's okay, because it's hard for us to believe, as well. 

Not the quick ascent to the top of the internet football blog listings, the private jets, the women, the booze, the parties -- that part was all rather easy to imagine.  Rather, it's the pure unadulterated drudgery that is associated with running this enterprise day in and day out, as well as the curmudgeonly cajoling that is necessary to get the minimum amount of work required out of our below-par staff of football scribes.  If you had told me more than two years ago that this is what running a website focused on the self-proclaimed world's most exciting League, I would never have believed it, let alone have started out along this journey.

In any event, here we are -- two years down and how many more to go....?  If we ever brighten up your day with our pithy postulations, or bring a smile to your face with one of our wacky witticisms, thank you.  Thank you for being generous with your time, and thoughtful with your reactions.  It gives us no insiginificant amount of ecstasy to bring you this blog on a near daily basis, and will give us even greater pleasure to do so over the next 365 days.

This is farlieonfootie wishing you, and us, a Happy Anniversary.

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