Monday, September 10, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Sam Adams Octoberfest Marzen

If it's Fall (or almost Fall), it must be time for a marzen-style beer.  One of the most widely distributed, and conveniently one of my annual favorites, comes from Samuel Adams.  This one should be available pretty much wherever you are in the US.  My review is below:

(5.3% ABV)  Drunk at a farlieonfootie company-sponsored picnic on Fort Lauderdale beach, during a Sunday pig roast, while listening to a cartoon frog sing "Hello, My Baby!" from Correspondent Ed's iphone.  Apparently, it's on his regular playlist.  Enough said about that....

Sam displayed sweets malts and a little bit of fruit, balanced by just the right amount of hop bitterness. There's a slight lingering toffee and fruit taste on the finish. This is a very drinkable beer, much better balanced in my opinion than last year's version.  Great Fall-themed packaging, too.  I'll give it a B


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  1. Hello, my baby
    Hello, my honey
    Hello, my ragtime gal

    Send me a kiss by wire
    Baby, my hearts on fire!

    If you refuse me
    Honey, you'll lose me
    Then you'll be left alone

    Oh baby, telephone
    And tell me I'm your own

    -- Corresp. Ed