Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Flying Fish Summer Farmhouse American Blonde Ale

Although the calendar says summer officially ends this week, the weather outside down in South Florida says differently.  In the land of Endless Summer it's okay to drink summer ales all year 'round, so we feel fairly justified in our next selection.  It's from a South Jersey brewer that we don't see alot of down this way, but on the strength of this offering we wish we did:

Flying Fish Summer Farmhouse Ale poured from the bottle a bright, crystal clear yellowish/orange color, adorned with a fluffy white head.  The beer smelled lightly of yeast, with a very mild citrus scent also apparent.

Summer Farmhouse Ale began sweetly, with the taste of citrus and green apples dominating the middle, before the spicy yeast made itself evident on the aftertaste. It was crisp and clean tasting, and a nice beer to have on a sunny Florida day, whether it's summer or not.  B

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