Thursday, September 13, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown Ale

Continuing with our Fall beer reviews while football's international break drones on...and on...and on...we present you with Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale:

Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing

ABV:  5.50%

Mood: Enjoyed at the beach, while listening to Talk Talk "It's My Life," from Correspondent Ed's iPod mix of the Essential 1980s.  Drunk from the bottle.

Smell: N/A. It's virtually impossible to smell anything from the bottle.

Taste: Decent earthy hop bitterness, tempered by mellow roasted coffee and chocolate and sweet toffee notes.  The beer has a much lighter mouthfeel than expected.

Overall: A very nice Fall beer.  Candidly, I would have enjoyed Tumbler even more if I had drunk it prior to the several sweeter marzens I also taste tested the same afternoon.  Coming after the marzens, though, the bitter notes seemed as if they were emphasized just a bit too stridently. Still, these guys don't really know how to make a bad beer.  B+

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