Saturday, July 21, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Lucky Bucket Brewing India Pale Ale

Located by a police dragnet after the home office put out an APB, Columnist Ed checks in with a beer review, of all things.  And from Nebraska, no less:

(6.3% ABV) Here I sit in Omaha, Nebraska -- home of the Oracle and a city with more hills than San Francisco.  It's nine hundred and seventy degrees of furnace outside but I'm in the cool AC sipping Nebraska's own Lucky Bucket IPA

It's punchy and hoppy with a mouthful of afters.  Not too light, not too dark, but a true middle of the fairway ale from the middle of the fairway that is the USA.  The labeling is retro and I also like the name. 

Worth a try, especially when it's too hot to do much else.  Lucky Bucket, the everyman's IPA.   Brewed in La Vista, Nebraska.  B

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