Saturday, July 28, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: 21st Amendment Brewery Spring Saison

(6.2% ABV)  I drank this beer at the Buford Taco Mac, in the northeast Atlanta suburbs. If you've never heard of Taco Mac, fear not; neither had I. But going there once has made me a ready convert. Contrary to its name, Taco Mac is not a Mexican restaurant.  Instead, its an Atlanta-based family restaurant chain that specializes in buffalo chicken wings, sports, and -- you guessed it -- craft beer.

The Buford Taco Mac had close to 100 beers on tap at the time of my visit, and another 200+ available by the bottle. If you've got some time to kill in the Atlanta area, you owe it to your beer-loving self to check this place out.

Spring Saison's color is a rich gold, with a bubbly white head that soon disappears.  The beer is clearly well carbonated.

The smell is all herbs, primarily fresh thyme, mint and rosemary. I LOVE the smell of this beer. It smells like spring, despite the oppressive 95 degree heat outdoors.

This beer is incredibly unique, with each taste reminding me of how unusual it is. It's got a fresh, thyme-dominated flavor -- it's of the same genre as the Sasion du BUFF's that I recently sampled, but I like this beer much better.  There's just a slight hint of anise, and an overall sense of floral notes to the flavor.  It reminds me of Spring.

The beer is very light bodied and drinks easily. I this were sold near me I would definitely be a regular drinker. A

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