Friday, July 6, 2012

Game Day beer Review: Alaskan Brewing Amber Altbier

(5.30% ABV)  I drank this beer at the Seascape restaurant in Trinidad, California, located on the Golden State's fabled Lost Coast, near the giant redwoods.  While the food and atmosphere at the restaurant were only so-so at best, I will say that the place had a decent selection of local and various other craft beers.

Alaskan Amber poured an ultra clear amber color, with almost no head.  The beer smelled primarily of sweet malts, with some light toffee notes also evident.

Amber was extremely fresh tasting, cool and clear, all malt, and relatively sweet.  It was well carbonated, and went down very easily. Although I'd definitely have another, I wouldn't travel all the way to Alaska to get it -- or even California for that matter. B

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