Thursday, July 12, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Karl Strauss Brewing Windansea Wheat Hefeweizen

(5.90% ABV) This next beer was reviewed while sitting outdoors at the Alfresco Lounge at the Golden Vine Winery at Disney's California Adventure.  It was a bit difficult to discern the color, as Windansea was poured into a yellow plastic cup, so I'm not even going to guess.  I was able to tell that the beer had a big, fluffy white head of foam on top before I started drinking it.

The beer exuded a spicy, yeasty smell, and the aroma of wheat was readily noticeable, too. It also offered the rather strong smell of bananas, very typical for the style.

The banana notes continued to dominate the upfront taste, although other tropical fruits slipped their way into the palate, as well. It's a mellow, well balanced Hefeweizen.  I'd definitely have another as the parade floats slowly by.... B

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