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To Axe or Not to Axe?: Thoughts on Terminating Harry

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Tottenham's firing of Harry Redknapp is debated by Columnists Ed and James, Spurs fans both:

Ed:  What the hell happened?  I don’t understand getting rid of the guy who gave you three of your four most successful seasons ever in the BPL consecutively.  I saw somewhere that Harry’s among Spurs' longest lasting managers, which says something about the organization.

I’m sure they blame Harry for the collapse into 4th position (a position, by the way, that they never achieved in the BPL before Harry), but really, it was still a stellar year for Spurs.  As for his loyalty, I’d be interested to see what you read James.  I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to loyalty in pro sports – it just doesn’t seem there is ever any from either side.  It’s all just a pure contract thing.

Also, why did Spurs wait until the two most promising coaches (Brendan Rodgers and Paul Lambert) were already gone?  David Moyes is a good coach if they can get him (why exactly would he like to leave a team that he has such security at for a team which will have higher expectations but too little money to back them up?).  It seems to me that Spurs are just longing to be back in 11th place.

James: Where do I start?  Harry's a relentless self promoter; constantly refers to Spurs in the third person; says things like "you"  (instead of "we") are lucky to get 4th/5th and that ("we") never had it so good since he got there ("you" had two points from eight" when 'I" got here" over and over and over); whored himself out for the England job after Levy and the club supported him through the tax thing to such an extent that they shut down his daily press briefings....

To continue: He refused to sign the long term contract when it was offered, all the time makeing statements in the press to leverage better contract and more money (if you don't give me a long term deal, the players will be unsettled after saying the exact opposite about the England job last winter); adamantly refused to rotate players, utilized an antiquated training regimen, which encourages injuries and fatigue; his teams always collapse late in the season (for the preceding two reasons); he alienates squad players thru lack of rotation and inability to change tactics to get them on the field in the first place and then bemoans the lack of depth after he lets everybody he pissed off go out on loan or be sold (think we couldn't have used Pav, Corluka or Bassong last March???  We had freaking Ledley King out there against Norwhich on one leg);  completely misuses guys like Gio and Piennar by trying to stick them into roles they are not suited for and then criticizing them in the press; only rarely changes tactics even when his personnel is completely unsuited for the system (VDV/Modric on the right / Bale rarely on the left in the second half of the season),  10 points up on Arsenal in February!!!!  I could go on and on....

Who's right, Spurs' fans....?  Let us know your thoughts.

This is farlieonfootie for June 16. 

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