Sunday, June 10, 2012

Argentina and Messi Take Out the Euro-Trash

Euro 2012
Photo by DrabikPany on Flickr

Several thoughts, but not many, after a hard couple of days watching Euro 2012:

o Including the action in Europe, easily the best football game of the day was played in the United States -- Argentina's 4-3 victory over Brazil was fun to watch, fluid and dynamic, with goals, footwork and fancy passes galore.  Anyone that didn't enjoy that one won't enjoy football.

o I'd like to see Pele repeat his assertion that Neymar is better than Lio Messi with a straight face. Neymar may be good, but his game is nowhere near as good as Messi's and his haircut is patently ridiculous.  Maybe Messi can lend the Brazilian the hat (trick) that he scored to cover up the My Little Pony look.

Neymar Coloring Pages, by Coloringpagesforkids on Flickr

o Speaking of world class, does anyone still think Wojciech Sczcesny is that kind of 'keeper?  Let's hope not, after his ridiculous display against Greece on the Tournament's opening day.  Although neither of his mistakes cost his team points, it's only a matter of time: the kid is not ready for Prime Time.

o Robert Lewandowski looks good.  His first half goal was a textbook illustration of how to put the ball in the back of the net.  With thirty goals in 2011/2012, his skills shouldn't come as a surprise, but if you weren't watching the Bundelsiga, you may not have realized that guy is bringing his 'A" game.

o Germany looked decent, but not great -- but beware.  Teams that grind out three tough points early on in a tournament usually raise their game as the matches get more important. 

o In contrast, Portugal never really got started.  Cristiano looks as if he spent more time working on his hairdo than his ball skills, and Nani was a complete non-factor.

o I saw a completely meaningless stat after Denmark's 1-0 upset of the Netherlands: the loser had 28 shots vs the winner's 8.  Who cares?

o The Dutch are in some serious hot water.  Having to beat Germany in game number two just to stay alive was definitely not in coach Bert Van Marwijk's gameplan.

This is farlieonfootie for June 10.

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