Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ten Plus One: Thoughts on the EPL Season to Date

Correspondent Ed Hanging Ten After His  Latest Column
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Correspondent Ed has 10 things on his mind.  Oh, and one more for good measure:

1. I'm really confused about this Carlos Tevez case. He didn't refuse to go in, he just refused to warm up? Huh? Sounds more to me like his boss asked him to warm up and he responded with: "Why?". As in: "I'm not going to warm up because you're not going to play me anyway."  Well, that's cute and all, but I think Carlos has made the classic distinction without a difference. If you refuse to play unless you get a hug first, you're still refusing to play. For the sake of the sport, let him sit on the bench long enough to make sure no one else tries this again. All in all it's a sad story, as Tevez is a great talent and fun to watch.

2. David Silva is the best player in the EPL now, and he probably was last year, as well. Silva is what makes watching City worthwhile. Barcelona has about 4 guys -- Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Villa -- at or about Silva's level. Scary. Spain has probably never known such talent. Or are they just training their players better? I think both.

3. Natalie Sawyer is my SkySports News presenter of the month. She's got it on in all the right places. Plus she doesn't talk in that weird-imitation-male-broadcaster-speak that goes on at ESPN. What's up with that, anyway? Ladies on ESPN: feel free to talk sports without trying to sound like a snarky frat boy. We're fine with that. Really.

4. Since starting the season terribly, Spurs have been quietly. . . . . .winning. Now they're in fifth place, and only three points behind fourth place Newcastle. Hmmmmm, maybe we should keep it on the down low all season.

5. Newcastle is good, not lucky. They've sold off their big salaries for players with speed. They don't have any obvious stars, but yet they control the ball well. Their defense is tough, and they've dropped the price on their tickets. What's not to like about these guys?

6. Chelsea acted a bit like their 35 year old coach last weekend and displayed a bit too much youthful exuberance (to put it charitably). Then their coach doubled down. But some fire was desperately needed down at the Bridge, so while they'll blow a few games here and there this season they'll also be a better team for it.

7. John Terry, a player who's mild complexion belies what seems an appalling disposition, was caught on film screaming an ugly racist remark. He claims he was responding "aggressively," that he didn't say "[ugly racist comment]." I feel like I'm listening to a not-so-smart student thinking he just discovered a sneaky way to drop an F-bomb to the principal. "I swear, Mr. hand, I never said '[F-bomb].'" Sorry, John, you're guilty as charged. Actually, I shouldn't be using the word "guilty" here. This isn't Canada or the EU, so we don't yet have speech or thought crimes. If Terry gets suspended or fired he deserves it; if he gets prosecuted, something's gone horribly wrong in good old England. 

8. Manchester City, having gone down by a goal to Wolves in the Carling cup, just buried three quick goals and have got their competitors by the jugular. Oops, now its five to one. How much did that tap-in goal against Valencia in the last seconds of stoppage time awaken the beast that is the Citizens? I think lots.

9. Scott Parker is not the best player in the EPL. He's also not the best player on Spurs. But he's a tireless and tenacious defender who controls the ball well. He's good at finding the safe pass to retain possession. And he sometimes sneaks in a run and plays a great ball to his forwards. So tell me, what's not to like about that?

10. Wonder if Bolton and Gary Cahill are still happy that a deal wasn't made with Spurs? Wow, have Bolton been bad....

And, 11. Wow, I'm still surprised at how many rejoiced in England over United's fall last weekend. It reminds me of something baseball great Yogi Berra once said: "No one roots for United anymore because they've got so many fans.". Or something like that.

This is farlieonfootie for October 27.

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