Sunday, October 23, 2011

Split Weekend

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The staff at farlieonfootie really like these split EPL weekends: this one, for example, featured five games on Saturday and four on Sunday -- including the big one showcasing two teams from Manchester. What could be better? 

I understand the Sunday games are partly the by-product of European mid-week contests (forcing Tottenham to play way too many Sundays this season), but I also just like spacing out all the contests over two days, allowing one to soak all the football in and savor each game, rather than be forced to drink through a firehose and switch between one of five or more BPL 3pm kickoffs (10am EST), while knowing the outcome of the other matches before you have had an opportunity to see any of them unfold.  I like balance in the schedule, just like balance in our lives: it just makes everything work better.

Plus the European contests make it like having your cake (Saturday and Sunday football) and eating it, too (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday football).  A game almost every day of the week.  Again, I ask you: what could possibly be better?

o After witnessing the sad but laughable beavhiors committed by Wolves' fans this weekend after they fell behind Swansea City 2-nil before the halftime break, farlieonfootie has several suggested mottos for the team's marketing department to trot out to the various Wolves' booster clubs before their next home outing against Wigan in two weeks' time:

Wolves' Tiny Tots Club : Molineux: Where even the small children are encouraged to swear at you and call for your head. 

Kid Wolf Pack: Get your FCUKs out!

Greater Wolverhampton Visitors Bureau: Come to Beautiful Wolverhampton: Boo often.  Leave early. Miss the Comeback. Taunt opposing Fans. Repeat.

Wolverhampton Wanderers: We're never more than two seasons away from promotion!!

And finally, this beauty:

Wolverhampton Wanderers: Wolves' Football: it's not quite the BPL.

o Craig Bellamy and Luis Suarez playing on the same team takes Liverpool's wanker-ness level to a whole new level. Seriously, these guys have got to be two of the most hated and despised characters in the entire league -- and they manage to end up on the same team!  It almsot makes the Scousers easier to hate -- as if that was possible....

Adam's diving has definitely hit new levels as he and his Uruguayan teammate compete to see who can get the more outrageous call.  farlieonfotie gives supreme credit to Referee Peter Walton for taking Suarez' reputation into account in his call of yesterday's game -- although he could easily have gone even further by issuing Suarez the yellow cards he so richly deserved for his cheating behavior.
Making the whole situation even more comical is Kenny Dalglish's uniquely-skewed view of the situation.  In fact, Kenny made a plea yesterday for the League's referees to better "protect" Suarez.  Actually, I believe Kenny called the referees' behavior into question: "It is their integrity that needs questioning, not his....  [W]e have 100 percent faith in the way [Suarez] conducts himself."
Oh, now THAT makes me feel so much better about the whole thing.  Now, if only the FA would charge Kenny like they would if Sir Alex made the same type of comments in the same situation....  Yeah, right.

This is farlieonfootie for October 23.

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