Sunday, October 9, 2011

Game Day Beer Review: Philadelphia Brewing Joe Coffee Porter

photo by eli.poussonvia PhotoRee

(5.00%) Poured on draft at a cigar bar in the City of Brotherly Love, Joe Coffee Porter  was -- somewhat unsurprisingly -- the color of black coffee, with a decent milk chocolate colored brown head.

The beer's smell was minimal, very mildly coffee-like, although there's the general probability that the beer's smell was overwhelmed by all of the cigar smoke swirling around me, despite the best efforts of the powerful air vents nearby. 

Joe has a very deep coffee flavor, with a slightly milky aftertaste.  You're going to have to like coffee to enjoy this one.  It's got a thinner mouthfeel than you might expect, and it's fairly well carbonated.  I liked, but ultimately didn't love it: B.

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