Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Game Day Beer Review: Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale

(5.00% ABV).  It's that time of year when the weather begins to change, even if it's altered by just that little bit here in the American south.  Fall in South Florida is more closely associated with hurricanes and daytime highs in the upper 80s than falling leaves and hot cider, but we still see it as our seasonal duty to review at least a few of the industry's autumnal offerings.  We decided to begin this past weekend with a beer from one of the nation's most prominent craft brewers, the Brooklyn Brewery.

Poured from the bottle, Post Road Pumpkin Ale is a crystal clear, reddish brown color, with a head that acts as if it needs to get going somewhere -- and quickly. Post Road's smell is all pumpkin and Fall spices, primarily cinnamom and nutmeg, with the pumpkin scent being dominant.

On first sip, it's not as pumpkiny tasting as some other brewers' offerings, and Post Road shows a fair bit of malt and cinnamom, as well. It has a clean and long-lasting finish, but is fairly thin bodied for the style. It's drinkable, but not my favorite of the pumpkin ales: B.

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