Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting it Off My Chest

photo by Jake Suttonvia PhotoRee

So, some final thoughts for the final weekend:
  • Sir Alex is threatening to stop Twitter for Manchester United players after the latest row, which now apparently involves a warning for Wayne Rooney from the ever-judicious FA.  Probably a good idea, especially for non-first team members.
  • I'd like to see Berba win the Golden Boot this year. He's led the League in scoring for so long and fully deserves to win the individual honor.  No kicks from the spot nor any free kicks mar his goal-scoring record, a la a certain Captain Caveman.  He's done it all on his own.  Nor has the Berbinator even played much recently: his last two goals were against Fulham and Bolton, dating back a month ago for the former and more than two months ago for the latter, a vitally important late game winner.  In a season in which the team's leading scorer has found his role usurped by a certain young Mexican, it'd be a nice reward to win this one honor, and I'm hoping his teammates help out.
  • It's one more game to go, with nothing on the line for the Red half of Manchester.  It's going to be nice to see a game without being the least bit nervous: no matter the result, we're still Champ19ns.  But because of that, I'm not exactly sure how to handle the day: no sweating the lineup, no baited breath until the first goal is scored, no nervously glancing at the clock imploring the boys to score just one more time.  What will I do -- just enjoy the game?  It's virtually impossible.
  • I'd like to see Blackpool stay up, but I also want to see United continue their torrid form into the final at Wembley.  That's what you call a real dilemma.
  • I want to see Birmingham relegated.  Let me state that again: I want to see Brum go down.  I'm still fuming over the ridiculous late game draw that Lee Mason saw fit to hand to Alex MacLeish's side back around New Year's, and haven't wavered since that time in my fervent desire: I want the Blues to play in the Championship next season.  Some may call it vidictive; I'll call it justice.
  • My fantasy league is tighter than the real league, and the final standings are all on the line this weekend.  I'm in second, a good Captain's pick away from winning, but I could also finish third.  It's disappointing, to be sure, as I've led the league most of the latter half of the season, but I got buried underneath a blizzard of Luis Suarez and Dirk Kuyt goals two weeks ago (at Fulham of all places?  What about their home form?  Liverpool has no respect!) and haven't been able to recover.  
  • I've spent most of the season rooting against Wigan -- not strongly, mind you, but I'm not convinced Roberto Martinez has what it takes to be an EPL level coach -- but after seeing that late game comeback against West Ham last week I kind of want them to stay up.  Charles N'Zogbia was a one man wrecking crew in the game's second half, and I'm hard pressed to recall an EPL game in the last month or so with a more dramatic ending.  It was edge -of-the-seat stuff, and efforts like that tend to change my point of view.
  • Lots of farlieonfootie in store for next week, including a look back at some of my predictions made during the season, as well as a piece or two on the sights and sounds of London Towne prior to the big kickoff.
This is farlieonfootie for May 21.


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