Sunday, May 8, 2011


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Thoughts from a busy football Saturday:

Fantasy Watch: Charles N'Zogbia and Yaya Toure -- Another weekend I've neglected to pick them for my fantasy team, another game they've each scored. That's three times in the last four games for the Frenchman; the guy is flat out hot.  And as a rule I try not to pick City players, but with my fantasy season getting even tighter than the real EPL, and City playing twice this game week, I have to admit I was tempted....

Swear Watch: Apparently you're allowed to swear at the referee, and even intentionally bump into him, if you play for Aston Villa.  If you don't believe me, just watch what Emil Heskey did to Mike Jones on Saturday. Somehow, though, the yellow card Heskey was given feels like a more appropriate punishment than the three game ban received by Wayne Rooney for a lesser offense. No need for confusion, though, as I'm certain someone from the FA will be along straight away to explain the incredible discrepancy.  ABU anyone?

Head Watch: What a header by Leon Osman, to steal a victory from underneath the nose of City after they dominated the first 45 minutes on Saturday. The smallest guy on the pitch outleaping City defender Vincent Kompany -- no slouch, he -- to score a late winner for the Toffees.  It was an incredible goal, and too bad Spurs couldn't take advantage of it.

Suicide Watch:  For Spurs' goalie Huerelho Gomes.  No sooner did the Brazilian save the first Blackpool penalty (from a handball on Michael Dawson, which I thought was unintentional and harsh) than he commits another foul in the box to squander two points for Spurs at the Lane.  That thirty seconds encapsulated Gomes' season: brilliant on the first save and completely out-of-his-mind bad on the foul.

Hair Watch: Roberto Mancini, looking positively un-coiffed for him, seen stalking the sidelines at Goodison Park. Maybe the stress is starting to get to the Italian.

Antique Watch: Went into the pool with me on Saturday, and it's not waterproof. Not good. I'm drying it out now....

This is farlieonfootie for May 8.

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