Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Special Ops

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Columnist Ed's take on OBL and the EPL:

Let’s begin by celebrating the eradication of Osama Bin Laden from the planet.  OBL was gunned down by some special ops Navy Seals while at home in his million dollar mansion in the middle of the affluent golf course community of Addamatta or Whatsamatta or something stupid like that.  Despite all the negative talk out there, the US of A still can and will put the hammer down when need be.  I should note that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some guys from college who became Navy Seals, and recall them to be totally and completely nuts, totally and completely geared up with things that kill the bad people of the world, and totally and completely itchy to go anywhere to do so, whether it be a cave in Afghanisatan or the back nine at Riviera.  So thanks to you guys, and to the US military in general, and to the CIA, and to the President!!!!  And as Coach Tom pointed out to me with comically sarcastic glee, we know one guy who won’t be winning the club championship this year (See google maps at 34.154556, 73.226838). 

So riding that wave of patriotic joy, let’s return to the pursuit of happiness, which here at farlieonfootie means watching, writing, and chatting about football.  Where to begin?  How about with this question:  What happened to Spurs? 

When the season began oh so long ago, Spurs were a team that played with often reckless intensity and spirit.  Sadly, against Chelsea this weekend they just seemed worn out.  I realize they were still robbed by poor officiating, but despite that they simply didn’t look like a team that had a lot at stake.  Gareth Bale has now done nothing in their past two big games, and frankly only William Gallas seems to be playing like there's anythingto play for.  Sadly, I’m beginning to question whether this team even cares if it makes the Champions League next year.  Is it been there, done that?  We can never know what’s in their hearts and minds, but if there’s any time for a dressing down by Uncle Harry now is it.  With the way Liverpool is playing they may not even get an automatic birth in Europe if they don’t pick it up.

Blackpool, on the other hand, have been playing with spirit but without that much luck.  Against Newcastle a week ago they completely outplayed their opponent and ended up only with a draw.  This week against Stoke they once again had the better of the play, but still came away with only a tie and a point.  Unbelievably, this tie wasn't the fault of the defense, who were able to keep Stoke from scoring and had only one major gaff in the game.  But now Blackpool is left with only three games – at Spurs, at home against Bolton, and at Manchester United.  Sadly, both Spurs and United have a reason to win.  Can the Seasiders beat Spurs?  Yes, but it’s unlikely.  Can they beat United?  No, not really.

Which brings me to another burning question that I’ve struggled with all season:  Which jersey (or kit) do I buy?  While the Spurs are my preferred team, the home lilywhite jersey is, well, kind of dull.  And their away jersey has this sailor boy look to it.  Hmmm.  

Blackpool isn’t much better.  Sure, there’s a certain cache to wearing a jersey of a team that so few people know about, but does it have to be fluorescent orange?  I could easily handle the word “Wonga” if the rest of the jersey weren’t so tough to match and so hard on the eyes.

Best jersey sponsors in the league? Northern Rock wins for sponsoring the northernmost team. I also liked Mansion, though Autonomy is okay. Carlsburg was a classic – definitely beats Sandard Chartered. Ugh. Aon? Okay. Etihad and Fly Emirates? Not terrible. Samsung? No. Sbobet? Pretty good, I think, because it’s so odd. Crown Paints? Very League 1. Chang Beer? Hey, why not?

Best jerseys in the EPL? I’ve always found the black, blue and white of Blackburn to be unique, but at the end of the day both of the Manchesters’ are tough to beat. Light blue is always a good start, and the red and black aren’t bad either when done the right way.

But whatever. For now I think I’ll stick with my Yoevil Town for now despite its green and white “Where’s Waldo?” look. For personal reasons mostly.

Go Glovers!!!!

This is farlieonfootie for May 3.

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