Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Changing Room

photo by RachelH_via PhotoRee

You'll notice some changes around here over the coming days and weeks. Probably not the changes you'd like to see -- for example, contrary to popular desire, Correspondent Ed is NOT leaving -- but rather the changes we'd like to see. And as this is our website we're going to make them. Because we think farlieonfootie will be the be better for them. And this whole endeavour is continually about trying to get better, sharper and more enjoyable for you, our valued readers.

For one, we won't be publishing our updates daily, as we've done every single day for the past eight months.  At least for the next 45-60 days or so. As we slip into a football off-season filled with non-events, transfer rumors and speculation, we'll take some time off to stop and smell the non-football roses in our life. I'm not sure yet as to the exact new schedule, but we'll take it as it comes. Please continue to check this page regularly as I hope we'll continue to put out quality writing --- just not as much of it in the short term. 

We're going to slant a bit more heavily toward beer reviews during the coming month or two. Sure, we'll offer our thoughts on new signings,  announcements, and world football news, but we'll also be sipping and reviewing the world's best craft beers in an effort to introduce you to some new favorites. Drinking beer is not a bad way to spend the summer, and we're kind of looking forward to the opportunity.

We'll be dropping our semi-regular coverage of Blackpool and West Ham, adding an official Liverpool section to make Correspondent Scott happy, and moving our very irregular coverage of Atletico Madrid into the European section. I'm very sorry to say goodbye to Ian Holloway and the boys in Orange, as they were one of the brighter spots of this past EPL season, providing us with plenty of skill, wizardry and goals -- both for and against. I hope Correspondent Ed will still venture to Blackpool on an opportunistic basis next season, and we'll be on the lookout for the next exciting team to cover.  And if Correspondent Ian continues to want to write every now and then about Big Sam's efforts to bring West Ham back up we'd be pleased.

We're also looking for additional writers, both on the football side, as well as the beer side of this website. If you're the least bit interested and can string together more than a single sentence, please contact me through Twitter or Facebook. It's not easy cranking out this amount of mindless drivel on a daily basis, and we often need backup.

It's been a great season, and we hope you've enjoyed reading our website. If you do, please drop us a note or two in the comments section. I know it's a pain, but it's often hard to tell what people are thinking without feedback -- publishing over the internet is like shouting into the void -- and we appreciate and respect your thoughts, or at least some of them.

Please, please, please, also take a moment to click on a link to one or two of our sponsors. We make money when you do that, and it's becoming increasingly hard to meet the wage demands emanating from our crack team of reporters if you don't support the advertisers.

If you find yourself ordering over Amazon.com at any time, feel free to enter it through farlieonfootie -- we make money when you do so, even when you buy something completely different from what we're showcasing on our page. It's relatively painless, just one additional click, and we'd greatly appreciate it.

As we do your readership. Thanks for taking us into your day and your home, even if it's just for a quick read.

This is farlieonfootie closing a chapter and moving on for May 31.

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