Friday, April 5, 2013


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In case you were under a rock the past couple of days:

o First, Caros Tevez, now Samir Nasri....  It's bad enough that City already had one player banned from driving for six months this week -- but two?   Seriously -- are they unable to afford a driving instructor? 

Q. What did City's star midfielder say when offered a four year contract worth £45 million?

A. Ya ya.

o Is anyone the least bit surprised that Joey Barton is embroiled in yet another controversy?  Having worn out his welcome in England, Barton is well on his way to becoming a persona non grata in France, as well.

o The very definition of false bravado: Andre Villas-Boas confidently declaring that the ankle injury sustained by Gareth Bale last night "will not derail their season."  Oh, ok -- thanks for clarifying.  We were under the apparently false impression that Spurs were largely a one man team this season. Maybe two, if you count their other top scorer of late, Jan Vertonghen.

o False bravado, part II: Fernando Torres will fire on for the rest of the season -- or so says Rafa. Perhaps a cautionary note is called for: a brace by the Lone Ranger -- or is it Fernando Zorres? -- against a middling European team does not mean the Spaniard is back.

This is farlieonfootie for April 5.

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