Monday, April 1, 2013

AVB and Me

When Ed Thinks, it's Kind of Like a Nuclear Explosion
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Ed on football, and no, he's not kidding:

On Spurs

I'm starting to think that AVB is reading my posts.

This week against Swansea, after seeing Emmanuel Adebayor miss an easy chance of a great pass from Moussa Dembele, and thereafter create absolutely no chances of his own, he finally pulled him for Jermaine Defoe.  Defoe is ice cold right now, but at least he moves and can control the ball well, and at least he doesn't miss easy sitters.  No player on the team has been more of a disappointment this year than Adebayor.  He's become Spurs' Fernando Torres.  It's time for him to be benched.

Gareth Bale, however, continues to grow and carry the team while playing in the number 10 spot.  His first pass this week to Jan Vertonghen was perfect, as was Vertonghen's control and finish.  Vertonghen is far an away the best Spurs' signing this season, and one wonders if he will be kept away from the top teams in the off season.  Also note to players -- learning to juggle allows for just such control as Vertonghen showed not hat goal.

But returning to Bale, it was nice to see him play passes like that and to distribute so well from the position.  He's clearly capable of doing so, and now he's showing how to do it.  And note to Spurs fans:  it's okay to be carried by a star player.  See, e.g. Manchester United.  Without RVP, they might be mid-table.  Sir Alex's "genius" in this League seems to be getting four top tier strikers and rotating through the one who's the hottest.  How he keeps the ego's in check is the secret -- perhaps his is so big all others wilt in its presence.

Bale's goal was also terrific, where he stole a page from Jermaine Defoe and quick-footed it past Michel Vorm before the keeper knew he was even taking a shot.  The big windup, while self-satisfying and often allowing for a hard shot, is overrated.  The quick release is king for true goal scorers.

Might I suggest another change of pace for AVB?  Perhaps Clint Dempsey up top with Bale behind him is the way to go.  He hasn't tried it yet, and I think it's worth a look.  Dempsey doesn't have close to the speed of Adebayor or Defoe, but he's proved to be dangerous and always has the feel of a dangerous player.  Give him the chance.

On Chelsea

Wow, did they look mediocre against Southampton.  It was weird to see the top tier talent of Chelsea look the lesser of the sides against a team just above the relegation level.  Management?  Perhaps, though I think it's more inspiration.  This is a team that seems like it's playing for very little.  Everyone is in limbo, just floating and going through the motions, waiting for the inevitable house cleaning that will begin in seven games.  Query whether they will even make the Champions League as at this point; there's some real doubt.

On Arsenal

I'm starting to really dislike Arsenal, just like every Spurs fan before me.  Their coach annoys me; their players annoy me; their fans annoy me.  For all the woe they express, they seem very likely to make the Champions league again, only to bow out quickly like they do every other year.  I get the fans' annoyance -- they are no longer trying to win the EPL but seem happy with merely being in the top four.  And yes, they sell their players to rivals as soon as they get to be top players.  That said, even when they're bad they seem to win enough to make the top four.  Which maybe says something about the BPL.  Or about Arsenal.  Or both.

On United

Well, the mighty United barely beat Sunderland on an own goal.  They keep winning and winning and winning despite performances that are mediocre at best.  Either way, I'm starting to find them difficult to watch.  I suspect I'm not alone, which is strange considering this team will break records in terms of wins and points.  Perhaps the most uninspiring champion of the league in recent memory.

This is farlieonfootie for April 1.

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