Friday, April 12, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: Dogfish Head Sixty One India Pale Ale

Ya gotta hand it to the team at Dogfish Head. These guys just keep coming up with new, great off-beat beers.  Not content to stand on their laurels, these guys took their amazingly good, continuously hopped 60 Minute IPA and just made it better -- if that's possible.  Sixty One is a riff on the 60 minute IPA, as our friends aat DFH have added grape must to the mix, and the addition makes it a completely different beer.  Think it sounds interesting?  It is -- and delicious, too.

Sixty One was poured at the home office on a lazy Sunday evening, with a pre-recorded football game blaring away in the background.  Wigan vs. QPR, if we remember correctly, bottom-of-the-table clash of the minnows -- but a game which held an ending to match the excellent quality of this beer.

The beer poured a Shirley Temple colored pink, with a pinkish-white, fizzy head.  It smelled primarily of fruit -- grapes to be exact, and not too surprising.

Sixty One was fairly well carbonated, and not nearly as hoppy in our mind as the 60 Minute DFH -- the grape must seems to have mellowed much of the hoppiness out of the beer. The grape taste is there, although its a bit faint until the very finish.  Outstanding. A-

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